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    Hi, my name is Yamikumo, a newbe of this forum.

    I've dived into figure drawing since April this year, but I have never tried to let someone see my artwork.

    As I joined this community today, I decided to ask people some critiques.

    Since I started drawing, I'm doing gesture drawing as daily training. The picture below is the last work.

    I will be glad to have any kind of advice, revision, or something. Thank you.

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    Yamikumo, these are quite good. I know that's not a critique, haha.

    Is this the whole study that you did for the day or did you do longer poses too? I would love to see the longer pose if you had them. I'm used to doing poses ranging from 30 seconds to 10 minutes. So I find that when I'm given poses of longer lengths like 30 minutes or hour poses I can feel a little lost as to what to add to the pose. ("What else is there to do?? I already blocked shading. How would I take this too the next level?")

    What I'm saying is it would be interesting to see how you add to these dynamic and flowing frames.

    Thank you too for being able to share your work with us. That takes guts!



    Hi, Loillty. Im glad you to view my drawings.

    I mainly do gestures and not spend much time for longer poses.

    But as for the things I do after simple gesture, I basically try to deal with volumes, shapes, and anatomy, which are the things many books and vids teaching us.

    My gestures finished in 1 or 2 min in many cases lack solidness. So I first define volumes and shapes. Then add anatomy, which gives them detail. Shading stuff follow them.


    Hello Yamikumo!

    The 1 minute gesture drawings are really good! They portray the movement of the model, and the different weights of the lines help to portray this.

    Something I'd maybe look at is the proportions of the figures, for example, when looking at the figure on the bottom left the legs are too long to fit with the torso and the arms.

    Overall though these are really nice! Well done on the foreshortening on the top left figure, and the loose lines help to keep the sketches from feeling stiff. Definitely keep it up!

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    Yeah, Yamikumo. I really love your gesture figures so much. I know that's not a critique, but I love those figures.

    If I was to give you a true critique, it would be that I'm not getting enough caricature into your line quality. Why don't you draw with just your shoulder, with very bolder and more confident contours, in 5x59 second scribbles, pretty please?

    The reason is because, you'll become much, much, much, much more decisive into your linework, and least stiffest. Hope that it will be accessible. Take care and stay more safer.


    Hi lamaplatiam.

    Thank you for your critique! I got conficence you telling me my gestures convey you the movement and volume of the poses.

    Proportion is the big thing I always fail in shorter poses.

    Especially in strongly squashing torso (like the one you pointed out) I think I tend to make torso shorter than it should be.

    I'm gonna practice to decline my bad tendencies in proportion.

    Anyway very helpful advice, thank you.


    Thank you for attention, Polyvios Animations!

    It may be difficult to draw really using my shoulder because I mainly drawing on the relatively small display tablet.

    However as you pointed out, my scribbly line definitely make my drawings hard to see.

    I'm gonna try to be more confident in each stroke.

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