new of the many figure study exercises.

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    Hi, i did this stuff for i don't know how long and i can clearely see i am not seeing what i need to improve. Was i told a lie that practice makes perfect? I am getting closer and closer to the answer that starts with "y".

    If there is something I keep missing about these exercizes please tell me and also, no more book recommendations, no asking me to have patience cos' i really have enough of this wandering around mindset. I get that compared to many others my age that are already professionals in the field I am on the level of a baby that pretends to cook when he puts plastic cookies in the toy hoven, but if they are getting actual critique, then I should not need to pretend to have the same.


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    Hi friend! I feel your frustration. First, I want you to remember that progress is not linear. Practice will not make perfect but it's the only thing you can control. That said, I will try to give helpful critiques for you to improve.

    The first thing I noticed was that your work needs more simplification and abstraction. You should be trying to represent the gesture or the general "vibe" of the pose, you are trying too hard to represent the forms of the body. Furthermore, your forms are very blocky and disconnected. Try to create a line of action that connects the whole figure from the head through the spine and all the way to the pelvis, this will give a more natural flow to your figures. Also, you have too many scratchy lines, try to only use simplified shapes to represent body parts. This will give them a more structured and contained look. Finally, I think your line quality shows a lack of confidence and lack of trust in your hand. I would advise you to start drawing with a ballpoint pen. Drawing in a medium where you do not have the option to erase will force you to commit to what you put on paper.

    Tracking your progress over longer periods of time will show you how much you have improved. Don't Give Up!


    thnaks, i have one more question, how do the arms and legs come out? if i draw them as spindly tubes are going to feel disconnected again.


    Hello again, Idon'tknow! I really feeling your frustration. First I want you to say that progress isn't that linear. After all, practice doesn't make perfect. Practice makes progress, and progress makes perfect, see? That said, I can and will do my best to give your the most helpful yet insightful critique on your current quick sketches.

    When it comes to your gesture drawings and quick sketches, they all do the most strongest and most ambitious job on expressing the "humor, flow, and mood" of the sketched poses. I feel like you've got the loosest and most expressive feelings in your rough animation style sketches. But, I'm still getting too much of those itchiest and scratchiest poses, because of your fence-sitting in your outlines, or contours. Would like to please go ahead with just loosening your hands up with 7 minutes of 29 second pose sketches in gesture form, all done from your non-dominant hand?

    The reason why is as a result, your intuition of lines can and will and must become the most fiercest, most fearsome, and therefore, ferocious in your ideas and execution.

    It's not about the destination, it's about the journey.

    Ralph Waldo Emerson

    Let's hope they've all helped you out in the longest of runs. Do encourage yourself!


    Hello good morning.

    In my opinion, it gives me the feeling that you start with the head, then shoulders... everything in very detail.

    What is usually done is to start with the line of action and explain it. Then make the basic parts like head, rib cage and waist. When you internalize it little by little, the detail comes out on its own.

    Good luck and keep up the good work, it shows that you like it and you make an effort just by looking at your work.


    i started with the line of action, and then i draw a leg or the torso. yet they do not come out right. i don't know why it is like that and i do not like it

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