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    hey. im working in graphite and sometimes its hard for me to tell the difference between the hue changes and value changes. I feel like it would be more helpful for me to first start in greyscale then try it in color later.

    Get more practice photos

    Support us to remove this


    Hi supormenbooya!

    I moved your topic from the Support and Suggestion forum to the Practice and Advice forum due to the nature of your request. :)

    Do you have any examples of your work we can take a look at so we can help you better?


    I'm pretty sure it was a suggestion to add the feature of putting a greyscale filter over the reference picture or is that a useless feature?


    Hey Supormenbooya - I'm the programmer for LoA. I think your suggestion is an interesting one. I'll add it to my list to look into for future updates! :)

    P.S. I moved this back to the support and suggestions topic since it looks like moving it was a miscommunication. :)

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