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    Hi! I am writing to report what I believe to be a bug. I use this site pretty frequently, (usually not signed in) so I know that this wasn't a problem until recently.

    I've noticed that the line-of-action image carousel page is somehow interfering with my audio. I use a pair of cowin e7 headphones over Bluetooth to listen to music and watch youtube while I draw. Recently, I've noticed that when I leave the line-of-action window open my headphones begin to crackle. I am unsure how long it takes for this to happen, because I usually only notice that I am annoyed and not when the crackling begins, only to actually notice when the crackling becomes too frequent and inconsistent for me to stand. However, each time the only solution is to close and re-open the line of action window.

    This happens more frequently when I have minimized or tabbed out of the line-of-action window, but still happens whether I do so or not. Interestingly, if there is other audio playing it seems to override the problem, which is another reason why it is difficult for me to discern whats happening. It is most definitely only in the line-of-action slideshow, though, because nothing else fixes it besides closing it, and there have been one or two instances where the crackling began immediately as I clicked on the player.

    I didn't do a very thorough search, but from the surface I did not see any mention of this issue. I am wondering if it is because I am using firefox and not google chrome.