60sec Faces

by Tsoomoo010, August 26th 2019 © 2019 Tsoomoo010

since i am new to drawing a human, i didn't try to capture the expression that is a little advanced i think. Instead i tried to display loose yet proportional human faces. Picture interval was @60 sec. I know these are bad i wanted to share cause i never share my attempts with anyone.Those days are over. Comment, Critique or whatever i will accept everything and analyze.


Yes you have the right idea...so keep going with perhaps drawing 10 heads per sheet, and doing at least the minimum of 50 sheets or more per 6 each and every week for the rest of your life....that's what some of us pro's do on a daily basis...and it will add up to drawing benefits down the road for sure!!!!


Okay. Thank you, I'm on it

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