day 43

by Jordankinsley, October 19th 2020 © 2020 Jordankinsley

Really interesting art style. In more comic art style it is okay to sympliphy figures, characters, animals (that list could go forever), ..... whether to draw detailed or non detailed sketches or whatever it's important to understand what you're going to draw. In case of human anatomy pay close attention to position of certain body parts like ankles, knees, muscles, etc. Not just copying (it's totally okay to do that) but understanding what your drawing, form basic forms to skin structure for lightings.

Kim - Site admin

I find this pose very confusing. It seems like some thought has been given to making it "sexy," but none to her balance. She looks like she will fall over at any second. At first I thought maybe there was something she was leaning on, but her arm is at an angle that seems to make that unlikely -- it would not support her weight.

Polyvios Animations

Awesome work on your semi-nude, jordankinsley, but what is your goal? Anyway-ANYway, for more info on nude anatomy, be sure to check this out. And why, because you'll get a much, much, much, more, more, more, more, more superior message on figure sketching, nude and/or draped.

Hope it's been definitely and absolutely bettering.

Cheers, and great luck.


hey, jordan. your art is bold and stylistic, and i think that's really cool. i think you should keep doing that.

however, your proportions are a bit wonky -- the hip to knee area should be only a little shorter than the torso (hip to shoulder), but the leg behind is much shorter than that -- both are, but her right (our left) leg is particularly wonky. i think you were trying to forshorten it, but it doesn't read that way, for foreshortening, you can add 'c' shapes over the top of the sketch, just to feel the mass as you draw it. that can be removed later.

wonkiness isn't bad in art -- it can be used to great effect in someone's style to portray a sense of uneasiness or lack of balance, think picasso or the cubists -- but there it's intentional and with an end goal. i don't think that was your intention here.

there are good resources out on the web about proportion and rules of thumb. of course, these drules of thumb don't apply to everyone, but it's good to know the rules so when you break them it's for a purpose. i think you would benefit a lot from doing some anatomy studies, since the entire piece is a bit unbalanced.

i like the color and the mood of the piece -- bold and playful, cartoonish. it's a lot of fun! the colors help with that. i can tell you enjoyed making it, which is wonderful. there's absolutely no point in art if you hate doing it or feel bad abour yourself, so please continue drawing and having fun!


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