Loosen Up?? (12-05-2020)

by Basicglitch, December 5th 2020 © 2020 Basicglitch

Done as part of a 30 minute class.

My current goal is: I don't know! I am an absolute beginner; I'm here to study the basics of rendering

I can't seem to figure out how to loosen the movement. All the critique I keep getting says to do something about the stiffness of my drawings, but I'm not sure HOW!

I feel like there's something crucial I'm missing....


The spine is very straight. That might be the issue. Try to exaggerate curves a bit by making them unrealistically curved and then dial it back a bit to make them less and less unrealistic while still staying loose. You'll eventually find a sweet spot


This might not be helpful as I doubt I have more experience than you but if you're stuck on something sometimes it helps to move and find something else to practice. But after looking over your art again, maybe if you added more spots on the body where the body can bend will add some fluidity. Like the back for example, I know for a fact when I lean down like in some of your drawings, my back tends to arch somewhere in the middle. So do my legs, they tend to bend forward the more I arch my back. I also know for a fact I would struggle if I had to position myself in the way you drew. Remember nothing is perfect, keep practicing And you'll get there!


Hey, basicglitch!

I would say first of all that these are pretty good! You seem to have really good control over the pencil and know how to break the body down into geometric shapes. And you have a good general sense of the body which is great!

For loosening movement, I would say try to really accentuate curves and deviate from linearity and straight lines. You already have a good start in having your lines be light and not pressed in. Specifically, on these, the spine is much more curved than you think and peaks more in the middle of the body than near the butt. The stomach is also more round and would be more of a convex curve. For practice with that specifically, maybe just try a figure drawing with only using curves? That's just a suggestion though :]

And don't be afraid to have gaps in your art! As long as the figure is implied, you don't need to detail everything, especially with figure drawings. Your emphasis should be on the figure (as it says in the name lol). It's a common mistake that even I struggle with in getting bogged down in the details, so don't worry!

Also, I guessed that these are figure drawings, but I'm not sure. I would say also to help gesture and looseness, you should use an actual human reference. That would also help with anatomy (re: the lack of spine curve & stomach). If you did use a human reference, maybe try to get those general shapes before blocking it down and making it linear.

I would say though that this is really good! You have a lot of potential and are on the right path. Frustration with art is a huge struggle for everyone, and I really recommend if you're just getting angry to take a break and clear your head. Art can be hard, but it's worth it! Best of luck to you on your journey, basicglitch :]

Polyvios Animations

Not bad on your first try, basicglitch, I really love how loosely you work on drawing your attitudes with lots of vitality and energy.

Still, I've got one smallest request: Why don't you please do studying the basics of rendering, in 46 minutes of 30 second figure poses?????????

The reason why you would do this is because, it'll and it can make your renderings the least stiffer and all the more dynamic, vital, energetic, and fluid.

Hope you can and will, without a doubt, find this definitely positive and productive.

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