Second study

by Honnei Badgar, February 25th 2021 © 2021 Honnei Badgar

Another figure practice, this is the last image of the 30 min practice session, so 10mins on this drawing. I just notice the arm on the right is really out of proportion :P


Your gesture and line of action on this figure look really on point. It's very expressive and well developed.

As you said, the arm is out of proportion and I think the head may also be slightly out of proportion as well, mostly in the width of the torso; based on the shoulder proportions that look like a head's width on each side, which gives it a more masculine quality.

I'm very new, so there is probably some other stuff I'm missing, all the best.

Polyvios Animations

Hmmmm, nice going on this nude drawing, Honnei, that's a very perfect job on making a bold and subtle gesture.

So, my advice is to say, that I love the solidity in that pose, but the gesture could be a bit more boldest. Why don't you kindly lighten up your linear touches, through doing 131 minutes of 29 second attitudes?????????!!!! (131 x 60/29, 7860/29=271 scribbly warm-ups)

The explanation is because, though it might give you some very, very messiest drawn pages of poses, rest assured you'll get more, more, more and more of the cartoonist's lines of the gestures.

I hope you've assured that it could and should be able to be totally and absolutely beneficial.


This is looking really good so far!

If I could offer any advice, I'd suggest trying to keep in mind of where the weight in your model is. Where is the weight in their arms? Their legs? Their neck, head, joints, torso? Where is the weight that is keeping them upright, or in whatever position they're in?

Also, try to avoid using a bunch of sketchy lines, and go for single bold strokes instead. Sketchy lines can make the body look rigid, angular and sharp, when human beings are pretty much exclusively round. It can take some practise to get used to, but it'll make a world of difference!

Keep up the good work!


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