Trying to make more dynamic poses

by Acidnugger, September 10th 2021 © 2021 Acidnugger

I'm trying to get better at drawing more dynamic and "flowy" poses and these are the last two I did today, I was hoping to get some feedback on how I can improve both my anatomy and gesture


Looks really dynamic to me! I can see few anatomy proportions that are a little off (knee positions of front legs, the right drawing's left arm seem a bit too long [misplacement of shoulder socket maybe?]), but they are minor details that isn't too important to the topic. I mean, it generally looks natural and pleasing to the eye.

If I can come up with a way to make it feel more "flowy"... hmm... I don't know. At the skeletal level, I can't seem find much flaws. But I do know that there are a lot of ways to express motion in the details. So maybe try doing that? I also do think it's easier for a drawing to look more alive and expressive when roughly sketched. So once the drawing have been cleaned up, it may be easier to find ways to improve.


I see what you mean, thank you for your feedback, very helpful!

Polyvios Animations

WOW! Great work on your poses that flow loosely with life!! Bravo!! Bravo! An extraordinary performance. What I love is how much of the gutsiness you've poured into the proportions and angles. (and edges and spaces)

So......if I was to provide you with a tinest, littler suggestion, if you want to constantly improve your anatomy and gesture, so please, let's start with the gesture first, see? I'm not getting enough of the glow and the purer excitement in the lines of action, balance, and of rhythm. Would you please be able to make your hand loosest, freest and expressive with 30 minutes of 30 second figures in a variety of nudity? (if you're really, really comfortable) (60 poses and personality drawings)

Like, if you start with that session, then your gestures and anatomy will become the least stiffest and rigid, and the most dynamic, spontaneous and alive and motivated from within, in terms of your work ethic and acting, and uderstanting of movement.

Good luck to your aspirations and current and future goals.


Thank you so much for your tips, I will definitely put into mind what you've told me :)


To get better flow. Try using a pencil with an extender and a really long pint.

Then take a sheet of paper and focus on the thin to the thickness of your lines. Good control can help your overall feeling of flow in your drawings.

My husband and I play a game. He yells thicker, thinner, lighter, darker. I draw according to his instructions. If I lose, I have to do some house chores. If I win, he makes dinner.

It is a fun game to play with art friends. Lots of laughing and learning happen.

Even if you are a graphic artist, using an extender at the end of your stylus can help. That extra weight and the artist way of holding the pen really helps. Or I feel it helps me.

If you play, don't forget to show us your results.

All the best,

Michellerose Cusack


Thank you for taking the time to provide me with tips and information, I appreciate it and will definitely try out the game :)

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