Pushing the Pose

by Flarebrush, September 13th 2018 © 2018 Flarebrush

An old one I hung onto because (I thought) the faces worked out, while anatomically disasterous, the exagerated gesture lends to a feeling of force/motion... That's my excuse anyway ;)


Hey Flarebrush! Yeah I think the faces look good - especially on the right one but I also like that pose. You seem to focus on the outline a lot tho, what time were these poses constricted to and how do you hold your pencil?

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Hey Line, thanks again for giving me feedback!

I want to say the time on these poses were probably 10mins, going to have to be conscious about marking my times.

These drawings were done with China Marker on newsprint, using a typical writing grip, using the tip rather than the side.


I’m jealous, I haven’t tried china markers yet, are they any fun? Oh and have you tried holding it like people hold their car keys(yes it was between this and sword:) it gives your lines more fluidity and variety in lines - since you can vary it from thick to thin during the stroke. You can draw with a writing grip but it’s limiting. On the tablet right now and can’t really remember what I was going to say, I’ll check back tmorro!


If you haven't tried China makers I'd say give'em a go! The major feature is that they are quick to "sharpen" so you can adjust your drawing tip on the fly. They are basically like a big wax crayon, though they aren't so glossy. They have a nice smooth feel as they glide along the surface of the paper and they give "good sensory feedback" if that makes sense? They also have some value range based on pressure and you can get lovely "thick and thins" out of them. Their only real downside is that they are kinda soft, so you can't use them in a sideways grip with a lot of tip exposed, as you might want for shading, since a long tip has a tendency to bend/break with moderate pressure.

Speaking of that sideways (car key grip) I have taken to using more now, both with pencil and Conte


Regarding the anatomy: Doesn't seem disastrous to me.

Cartoonish at best, with a focus on the movement and expressiveness rather than academic correctness. Works fine for me.

The slight improvements I would see would be:

For the girl on the right: The pelvis area looks a bit thin.

For the girl on the left: The link between neck and head, and her right shoulder.

If this is an old drawing and you've been practicing anatomy since, an interesting exercise could be to draw them a second time. What do you think?


Thanks for the critique Bic!

This is an older drawing and I definitely will take another attemtp at these poses soon, drop them side by side and see the difference, great suggestion.

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