Octopus VR Oil Painting

by Sanne, April 15th 2022 © 2022 Sanne

Hi again everyone!

I'm super, duper proud of how this turned out!! I spent 20 hours on this painting in the VR app called 'Vermillion'. I'm not a traditional medium artist and never tried oil painting in real life, but I've taken to it rapidly and I enjoy it immensely.

The first 6 hours of working on this, I streamed to Twitch. The remaining 14 hours I recorded and slapped together into a speedpainting video, which you can find here:

I have a lot of plans for doing more VR paintings in the near future. :D

Reference image was used from Unsplash.com

Polyvios Animations

Good afternoon, Sanne, how are you? Great job on your edges, gestures, spaces, relationships, lights, shadows, colors, and gestalt on your octopus in VR oils. Way to go! Hope it makes you appreciate real oils more.

Sanne - Site moderator

Hi Polyvios!!

Thank you so much! :D Yes, this app has really given me a newfound appreciation for oil painting! I unfortunately don't have the means to do real oil painting, so this is scratching an itch I didn't realize I had. :) Looking forward to share more of these paintings with you!

I hope you have a wonderful and lovely weekend filled with many good things!

Kim - Site admin

I still just adore this piece.