Random sketch: Galactic emperor v1.0

by Sg Bruce, October 29th 2022 © 2022 Sg Bruce

10/12/22: Sketched from a reference image. No guidance from anyone, just a beginner trying out something fun as the curriculum got a bit mundane.

Will gladly revisit in the future as I found a ton of improvement opportunities after I finished it!

Polyvios Animations

Good noon, Sg Bruce, and welcome to LOA, I'm Polyvios and how are you?

Great job on your slow and careful study on your Akira Toriyama character, which I'm saying is from Dragon Ball Z. Please keep up the greatest work as you could use your reference images you find in books, magazines, and online computer printouts to help you constantly improve your gesture sketches!

Sg Bruce

Good noon to you as well! Thanks for the welcome, I'm doing fantastic! Hope you're also.

Noted. Yes, this is Frieza from Dragon Ball Z! I draw some stuff I like on my spare time so I can have fun. I'll keep this up to improve proportions, symmetry, before moving to gestures and action poses! Many thanks for checking this piece out.

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