1/31/19 Kyle Lehfeldt [Happy New Year!]

by Kylelehfeldt, January 4th 2019 © 2019 Kylelehfeldt

I'm using photoshop for these drawings and practices. If there are any particular lessons or tips for doing figure drawing sessions in photoshop I'd love to hear those.

I'm hoping to gain consistency over time. I feel the best one may be the bottom lefft one that I did. Maybe there's something else worth noticing that I can't see. I'd love to hear about any thoughts, especially any weaknesses! I'm not easily hurt by harsh criticism. I just want to get better. Thank you for participating and helping me. Please don't filter your comments or observations.

Thank you,

Kyle Lehfeldt


Alan Re So

i think u should focus more on beginning with some basic shapes and lines, because your proportions are off.

here's a great video and a really helpfull channel Proko quickly draw heads


Hey i thong is a good thing to lear how to draw face in profile and then work with angles and shadow that way you will know how humman face works


So if you showed us a story of a human pose reaching or looking at or for something, or jumping from a car perhaps, or running from a dog, or happy to see someone, or such....then maybe we could help you....and are you drawing say 50 pages per day of poses...seven days a week...and if ya get into a rut...you can always turn the pose upside down and draw an upside down pose to get you out of that rut that we and I get into from time to time ...as this artists rut is NORMAL THING that happen to ALL OF US, beginners or pros ...it happens and the above tip is how we get out of said rut that hopefully you will get into, because you draw at mininmum of 50 pgs per day seven days a week for the rest of your life....no kidding.....So until you do 50 pages of practice per day, of a seven day week...[ you can break that 50 pgs into smaller groups of time...if ya wanna...]. hopefully you will show me or all the rest of us MAJOR IMPROVEMENT BECAUSE you have passion to tell a story with your poses is what I say.


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