let's face it

by Jaybobdoodles, April 19th 2023 © 2023 Jaybobdoodles

Done as part of a practice session with poses of 2 minutes in length.

My current goal is: Reduce stiffness and make my drawings feel more dynamic, energetic, fluid

Polyvios Animations

Greatest display of the loosest of edges and shapes, but not the loosest enough to me yet, so how would you care to try out 4 hours of 20 second scribbliest and squiggliest lines of expression? The reason is because your faces will become the most simplest and funniest and hilarious in your sense of drawn humor, like Milt Gross! My hat's off to you, for may it will rub off on ya!


I agree with Poly about doing shorter poses. If you want more stretched cartoony faces, throwing the logic of a normal skull out the window is the way to go. the placement of your facial features aren't really squashing and stretching either, just the exaggeration of the eyes (which are really unsettling, something I suspect is deliberate lol). Maybe try moving the eyes and lips closer together or farther apart according to the expression. You can even try practicing this with simpler eyes and facial details.


These are awesome! My best advice is to pay more attention to the eyes. There is a lot of room for improvement in the eyes and eyebrows - they can be really great tools for expression when used correctly. Your eyes all look neutral, just wide open. The eyebrows look great on some, others could be emphasized more. I can tell that you have a unique style, but to improve energy, I agree that you should do more very quick studies of expression - get back to basics!


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