First time catching a line of action

by Naima, June 10th 2023 © 2023 Naima

30 secs, still stesses me a bit, because I don't have a feeling when time will be over, so face not captured. But this time I tried to be striked on 30 secs.

Polyvios Animations

Good evening, Naima, and greatest job on how much improvement you've shown in your latest pose sketches, but furthermore, I love how strongest a job you've rendered the anatomy and gesture with as fewest lines as possible. Please do keep pushing yourself the hardest.

So, in terms of your current stress with that aforementioned time limit, but it's OK to be a little too stressed. It's not the end of the world, therefore that's what we come to expect. But as for the critique part, I'm not getting enough of that flowing and fluidest spontaneity and life and energy in your lines of action of the expressions of the poses. How would you care to loosely hold your pencils and sticks with 7 minutes of 29 second quickest sketches, using our custom timer? (420s/29s≈14 freeflowing but funkiest sketches of expressive poses) Plus, please take a deepest breath and be your nicest to yourself, but have the most fun with the process.

The logical explanation or reason behind the request is as a result, your lines of action and the liveliest lines of rhythm will be refined to your least stilted in the line flow and the mostly dynamic, spontaneous, cartooniness and energy in your range of expresssions and emotions.

Let's hope they've been strongly helpful, nicest, and encouraging. And please sketch the pose of your strength, too.

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