Scenes & Environments 01

by Mely6990, June 14th 2023 © 2023 Mely6990

Thank you so much everyone for your critiques! I've been making a book shopping list for myself from all the recommendations. I'm also trying to break away from figures and animals and have been trying to practice perspective and all that.

Polyvios Animations

Hello again, Mely6990, and I say, greater work on your range of gestures, spaces, and angles to your library shot drawing. Keep up the greater studies, cause we're all here cheering you on.

Yet, the perspective and angles, I think, are seeming like a too forced attempt at accuracy, but I feel that the flow In definitely on the more than right track. How would you care to go for 12 minutes of 2 minute scenic sketches?

The reason why you could loosen up your perspective is because, not just to be willing to draw much more wonkier perspective, but also to help you push your gestures, relationships, and busier and emptier areas in your scene and environment compositions. For most info, be sure to look into a Kindle of Vanishing Point and many, many, much more. Hope this has been even more helpful and encouraging.