Fast catch & shading exercise

by Naima, January 6th 2024 © 2024 Naima

Done as part of a 30 minute class.

My current goal is: Improve my shading and rendering of light. I try to keep it very simple just to get an idea were my main mistakes "hide"

Polyvios Animations

Hello again, Naima, I'm Polyvios, and once again, nicest job on your lightest touch in your most linear mark making in your figures above. But, I think that these poses are making greatest progress, but I definitely feel that these tones could use the most work, but that is, if you really and totally haven't already, please look into the value scale worksheet available now at our website.

The reason is because, by applying any pencil or related tool to that worksheet, then you can, and will explore the most broadest of tones, even if going for the most simplest down to the most sophisticated of forms, even if going for our basic shapes tool.

Before you go onto basic shapes, please let me explain the basics between good basic shapes and bad basic shapes: The good basic shapes are drawn by some artist that loosens up to shapes, while the bad basic shapes are just too rigidest but stiffest. (Thank you for taking it from someone who hasn't yet mastered that tool, but will, too.)

For most details, kindly refer to the Drawing Fundamentals tutorial online or on YouTube. Thank you.