Flipped Upside Down Image of a Underwear Figure

by Polyvios Animations, February 22nd 2024 © 2024 Polyvios Animations

Done as part of a 3 hour class.

My current goal is: Learn how to make my funniest drawings the most alive and motivated from within.

I don't consider this upside down drawing the most excellent to me yet. No matter how hard I have worked, but I'm really having fun in terms of how funniest and most honest in terms of my figure drawing. What do you really think? What do you really totally feel??

Aunt Herbert

Dear Polyvios, you know I always have problems deciphering your paintings.

My first impression is a lot of broad, chaotic looking lines in strange colours with little contrast.

Then, when I look closer, sure, there are darker, cleaner lines underneath, a hip, a belly, a pair of legs from the side, with one leg raised slightly ahead to step forward.

I am trying to estimate how accurate they are anatomically, but then the scale of the lines and their function become unclear. Is this line the front of a lean thigh that stretches back, or the border of a shadowshape indicating a muscle on a fat thigh? Are you even sure about that?

I think, there is certainly aesthetic value in the contrast between your earnest work, and the ambivalence of your results, but not one, that reveals itself at a first glance to a conventional spectator like me. Looking through more of your works, I repeatedly discover lines and curves that almost hit convention, but it takes a moment to discover them, on some works way more than a moment, and some seem to be just random energy through and through.

I am personally a big fan of easily consumable bubble gum culture, which your art certainly isn't. Which isn't necessarily a drawback. If I imagine your works not on an online page, where I expect a quick rush of endorphine from quickly decoding your intended message, but in a frame on a wall, a painting that hangs forever and is seen repeatedly forever, I can imagine that your way of drawing may keep its interest and mystique far longer, and prevent the viewer from easily getting bored with it.

What you could do to improve, I got no clue. Maybe my idea of improvement does not even apply to what you do, as my urge is to try to push you to be more conventional, which you just clearly aren't.

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Polyvios Animations

Hello, Aunt Herbert.

You know, I am sorry that you're having a harder time with deciphering my upside down drawings, but if you just downloaded, then rotated them upside down yourself, then you can really see the real image yourself, like I would. But don't worry, I got that.


Polyvios Animations

Polyvios Animations

Nicest job on your scribbliest poses, Polyvios, but I'm thinking that the poses and shapes are getting on the right track, and therefore, it's still too scribbliest to me yet. How would you like to try this: First you draw this upside down, then you photograph it right side up?

So that you get a more recognizable symbol of the figure. My hat's off to you.

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