24 new figure study images

Another totally free batch of figure study images is hitting the figure drawing tools today! These come from photographer MaikuBokeh. These are mostly sitting or reclining, and include some great twists and curls.

You don't need to do anything to get these, they'll be available in the figure study tool as of this morning. Thanks <a href="https://www.maikubokeh.com/">MaikuBokeh</a>!


王莽 (unregistered visitor)

very good

潘妍希 (unregistered visitor)



Always great to have more photos! I hope there is a chance to receive more male photo references in the future as the difference in learning material between male and female photography is staggering.


Hear hear! I mean, it's an accurate reflection of the gender imbalance in real life figure drawing models, but still!


Un excelente referente para realizar práctica de la figura humana

小武 (unregistered visitor)


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