Introducing Line of Action "Study Groups"

Introducing Line of Action Study Groups! These were specifically designed to help drawing and painting classes that have had to disband because of COVID-19, but anyone can create a study group and invite their friends or classmates.

Perhaps you're focused on a particular method of drawing and want to create a sub-community within our community just for studying and praticing that method? Creating a public study group would be perfect to bring other students with the same interest together. I look forward to seeing "Loomis fanatics" and other study group ideas springing up. :)

  • Each study group can designate one or more "instructors"
  • Instructors can post announcements, assignments and calendar events.
  • Each study group has its own private discussion forum.
  • Study groups can be public (anyone on the site can find and join) or private (Only people you send your invite link to can join)
  • Other optional features, such as the ability to see how much practice time students in your study group have logged practicing on the site.

To access study groups, look under Discuss » Study Groups. You can also find the study groups you're a member of from the new "Your Study Groups" button on the Your Studio page.

If you are an instructor who has had to close down your RL drawing/painting/sculpting/whatever that needs a figure model class, please contact me -- I will give all of the students in your private study group a full membership for the month at no charge.

If you are a solo student who is not part of a classroom, but is still suffering from being quarantined by COVID-19, stay tuned. I will tackle offering assistance to our solo students this upcoming week. :)


Rosa martins (unregistered visitor)

I think we should draw a person from my hero acidamia I'm a anime nerd lol

Harikrishnan. A (unregistered visitor)

Very much

machaela kimbrell (unregistered visitor)

much needed I need to to associate with other artists

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