Progress on timer bug (plus more animal images)

Thank you to everyone who has been writing in about your experiences with the timer bug. I've identified two different cases that could cause similar symptoms. One has been patched -- I hope that some of you will see this problem vanish because of it.

The other is still being worked, but I'm happy to say that we now at least have a solid direction to go in.

Please do continue sending in your bug reports! There may still be important clues out there that will help me resolve this faster. :)

In other news, we got about 40 new animal images added today.


Three Banded Armadillo


Two little red kittens sleeping 

Young Domestic Duck


Kana (unregistered visitor)

I'm not having the bug anymore. Good work!

Love the site, I come here everyday :]

Kim - Site admin

I couldn't be more excited to hear it! :D

Jonathan (unregistered visitor)

Hi there! I really love your website and all of the great resources it offers. Unfortunately recently I have been experimenting a time bug error when I tried to draw human live nude model for both genders in standard mode for 1 minute. It would be great if something could be done about this. Other than that great job for putting such a great website and I hope that you will get even more funds to make it better! :)

Kim - Site admin

What browser? What version of that browser? What device? What browser plugins do you use? It is just this side of impossible to fix without knowing the details. :)

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