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    Hello, I just finished my third live figure class and would appreciate critique of my sketches. The model was excellent and posed very dynamically, which posed some different challenges. Surprisingly, I had more difficulty with the quick gestures. I partially attribute this to not warming up the day before. I'm still trying to work on my proportions and figure-to-page compositions. It is frustrating to keep cutting off the legs!

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    Good evening, Drab Green Rabbit and welcome to Line of Action. I'm Polyvios, Polyvios Animations and how are you doing tonight?

    Say, I'm really loving so much on how looser and faster you've drawn your figure drawings and gesture sketches. And what's specifically is that your gestural poses are a lot more looser and bolder and broader in the strokes, which is basically the point of gesture drawing.

    So, if I could honestly nitpick your quickest sketches, I would and could say you're having some problems or two on how to loosen up your lines of action and lines of rhythm in your broadest attitudes. How would you like to work ambidextrously with 5 minutes of 30 second sketches for either hand, just to free up your shoulders. The reason is because of the saying:

    We all have 10,000 bad drawings in us-the sooner we get them out, the better.

    Chuck Jones-Warner Bros. Animation Director of Termite Terrace

    So to further prove my point, please check out these two videos from YouTube.

    Let's hope these have helped you out so much.

    Good night.


    Hey, I really appreciate your response and will follow your advice. Taking time to loosen up in other drawing practices is something I tend to forget unless I'm mindful about it. I have heard the saying, but have never seen it attributed. I'll check out these videos.

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