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    Hi everyone!

    Recently, I was trying to draw a reference of a person and I realised that I really suck at drawing faces. I struggle a lot with getting the features to appear similar to that of the model used.

    I can't really use this website to practice with just faces, so I was wondering if any of you know another source where I can study drawing faces in the same format as this site.

    I would really appreciate any suggestions!

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    there is a face practice tool on this site lol


    We currently have 4 different study tools that focus on different subjects; the figure study one is, well, just one. :)

    Here is our faces and expression tool: https://line-of-action.com/practice-tools/face-expression-practice

    I'd recommend exploring the site some to familiarize yourself with what we offer , you may have had figure drawing tunnel vision and we've got a lot of other cool stuff these days :)

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