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    I'd like some critique on a figure drawing session I just finished.

    I've been pushing gesture for the past couple of days, but I admit I should delve deeper into anatomy at this point.

    Also, I'm now using M.Mattesi's Force method because his way of teaching rhythm and gesture really speaks to me (in case anyone is familiar with his teachings and would like to give some pointers on Force, I'd appreciate it!)

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    Hi, Meijiisconfused, and good morning.

    Greatest work on your range of fluidity of the poses, greatest jobs on your construction of the poses, and their positive and negative shapes and spaces, which I really think you've totally got them all down in just one time. I feel that your gestalt of your poses could use a bit most caricature and exaggeration in your balance of drawing fundamentals, including gestures. Kindly loosen up your draw your longest lines of action and rhythm with 32 minutes of 30 second pose sketches?

    As a result of your latest warm-up period, then your fluidity of the poses and flow of their lines will become the least rigidest and the most loosest but liveliest.

    For most details, please look into the Tonika Pantoja videos on YouTube about gesture drawing.

    My hat's off to you, and happy sketching morning!


    I think you are right about delving into anatomy at this point, bit I gotta say, you really do gel with this method. I can tell you did your research and practice, it really looks incredible, especially considering your earlier work posed this month.

    Copying a specific method is a great way to develope, it really focuses and hones your approach. I immediatly went to download The Force Method book as soon as I read this post, cause I really want to try this style.

    I also appreciate the compromise you made with my insistance on a thicker brush, by making it a more charcoal style brush. I can tell you are still a bit more sketchy with your gesture, but since the line is thicker and darker, the variance is greatly reduced and your lines look so much more confident. You're also being way more careful with those detail lines.

    This is one of those pieces that take me a while to critique, cause I really had to examine your work to know what my less talented art brain could reccomend adjusting, Im really super impressed. My one thing I could say would be to keep an eye on your limb and torso proportions. Also you forgot a few of your arms lol. I didn't notice right away, cause the force of you bodies is so effective, I was a little distracted.

    Anatomy is a great next step! Or just basic form! Great Job!


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