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    Hello! I've been using LOA for a while but have been seriously cracking down on my practice and striving to improve over the last 5 months. My goal is to be able to create poses from "imagination" that feel fluid and dynamic. I'm trying to acheive this through consistant practise and building up my visual library so I can create poses on the spot without relying too heavily on reference images. Feedback my the gesture, flow and believeability of my work would be greatly appreciate. This is my first time sharing my practises and I'm excited to get some pointers and honest feedback from the LOA community. Thank you for taking a look!

    Gesture drawings from August 2021 -

    2 min Gesture drawings from 15.1.23 -

    5 min Pose drawings from 15.1.23 -

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    Good morning, Brho, and welcome back to Line of Action, and I'm Polyvios and how are you doing tonight? Greater, greater, and even more greater job on how organic your spaces and forms are. Those are very greater!

    However, these poses that I've seen so far aren't getting enough of that expressive exaggeration on those lines of action on all of your nudes. How would you please loosen up your lines of action and rhythm with 1 hour of 1 minute attitudes, using the horizontal flip?

    Explanation: as a result, your marks and poses will be the most expressive and emotional in your storytelling context. The way the artist sees things is that he/she/they can cartoon reality, not extremely copy it. Good luck to your learning curve and your march of progress.


    Thank you Polyvios! When you say "1 hour of 1 minute attitudes, using the horizontal flip?" - what exactly do you mean? 1 min poses where I draw the pose the opposite way that I see it? So if the model is facing left, I draw them facing right? Thanks again 😄


    The evolution is superb! Your commitment and perception are very good.

    I really loved the 2min and 5min sketches, specially for the different sizes (and, thus, the use good use of the page) and the clean lines/contours.

    I'd say to use the same principle of the clean lines when drawing the 30s or 60s sketches - in other words, be bold and make the curved or straight lines in a single movement of the hand. Try warming up before training sketches, to loosen up and be less worried about the quality. Mistakes will happen, it's normal.

    The feet and hands from the 5min sketches are also very good!

    Furthermore, start practing foreshortening and other perspectives. I know you will like this challenge :)

    Keep going, friend! :3


    Pretty good, I like the flow of your drawings.


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