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    Hello everyone,

    I've been drawing for a few years at this point, but as a self-taught artist I can only get so far without criticism.

    So I bring some of my recent sketches to see where do you all think I need to improve.

    I have been using this site for some time now, normally I always do a 30 minute class mode as a warm up. Most of these drawings are from those sessions.

    Thanks :)

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    Hello, 1 Macchiato, and welcome aboard to Line of Action. I'm Polyvios, but you can call me Speedy. I'm doing finest, and how are you?

    You know, when it comes to figure drawing and animals, I think I see most of the boldest and most powerful passion in the figures, and I feel that the gestures of these beasts are almost all coming through, but the horse's hind legs are too longest in contrast to the shortest front legs, therefore, I'm not ecstatic with the most exaggeration and expression in your line economics of your drawing fundamentals yet. I don't feel that I'm the greater in terms of horse anatomy, but how would you like to kindly just go with our interactive drawing tutorial?

    The reasonable explanation behind this constructive bit is because, though it's for this site's newcomers, but filled with figures, any and every beginner to master to legend can and will help themselves to sharpen their greatest control and understanding as regularly as they need and want, from quickest lines of action to the most totally organic forms. So, if you're REALLY, REALLY, REALLY most into constant improvement and innovation, how about I recommend you Loomis' Fun With A Pencil and more from Loomis on Amazon and free PDFs.

    Let's hope they've benefited you most greatly.


    I think you are doing great, and I don't feel like I have special details that I can point out. I am just not ahead enough in any technical regards or in experience.

    I want to tell you about the one surprise moment I had, and that was looking at your 25 minute drawing. Really nothing bad about it, I marvel at the details of the face. What surprised me was, that it doesn't contain any big amounts of shading. My personal experience is, that after 7 to 8 minutes of drawing I usually feel like I am being "done" with my basic linework, and switching to picking out shadow forms and introducing values into the drawing is all, that is left to do. You chose sticking with improving actual linework right till the end, and it doesn't look like wasted time either, because your linework is actually at least a class above my own in that drawing.

    So, now I feel guilty about my own sloppy lines, and I totally blame you for that! Live with it!


    Hello Speedy, I'll definitely be taking a look at those, thanks :)

    Oh no Herbert, I'm sorry you feel that way :( but yeah, I tend to spend a lot of time on my linework if I have enough time for it, it's the part I enjoy the most.

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