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    I am wondering whether I'm in the right direction and I want to know how to improve my work.Here are some work I finished today.As you can see,I try to add musle but I just don't know howt to add it.Each costs 110 seconds. Is it too long? As they all look not so good.Thank you for the help from all of you.

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    Your basic forms are looking good! They look rather stiff though, and a good way to fix that is to use a line of action. A line of action is a line you use when gesture drawing to show the movement (ie action) of the figure. It helps you to stay true to the refrence without losing fluidity. You have part of one in most of your figures already, because the line of action often follows the spine. Just draw a line through drawing where it feels like it is flowing, it doesn't have to catch everything :)

    For practicing muscles, I would recommend looking at some anatomy books that show the muscular structure, and studying people who have very defined muscles. You should get an idea of how the muscles work with each other to move, because that will help you draw them accurately in any pose. Also, when drawing muscles, don't make them super detailed at first. Just draw the main shapes, and make sure it connects properly to the rest of the body. You can add in more detail after, the most important part is the main structure, and you wouldn't want to spend a lot of time detailing only to realize you messed up.

    A good thing to note in general is that you might want to loosen up your lines. A good way to do this is to draw them very fast. Just swoosh through your lines, don't spend too much time overthinking them, it helps to make your drawing feel more natural.


    so you are able to capture the overall pose of the figure but the main problem is that the poses are too stiff i would reccommend you to use c curves more and befor making the figure try to make the line of action. a line of action is one single line usually from head to toes which define the moment of the spine. that will help you understand how to put the head,torso and pelvis. use you shoulders more when drawing your lines will look much smoother. and i think 110 secs is to long try 30 sec gesture or 1 min gestures because of that you will be forces to draw only the most essential parts of the drawing.

    for understanding muscle placement i would reccomend you checkout prokos figure drawing and anatomy playlist in youtube and if you wanna learn through books michael hampton figure drawing and invention is my favrite book as well as anatomy for sculptors


    N2l, I think you're doing great on your 110 second sketches, and I really feel that you're on the right track in the quick sketches, when it comes to the figure drawings. I must say, in order to critique your work, I totally think your poses are a bit much too stiffer. Would you please loosen up your broad strokes from the head to the toes, with 30 minutes of 90 second quick poses? (1800/90=20 poses)

    The reason why you would and could do this idea is as a result, your spines will become the less the stiffer, and all the dynamic, energetic, and vital gestures in the cartoon figures.

    Good luck to you, and cheers.


    your understanding of placement of limbs, joints and torso is really good! you could start on adding more muscle by using simple shapes such as rectangles for arms , ovals for thighs, etc. as you become more comfortable with that, you could begin to break down these shapes more , with (for example) calves of the legs going from rectangles to the combination of a circle and a triangle. eventually, you will be able to render each muscle group by shape, plotting along the body. let me know if you need more clarification! here are some links i think you'll find helpful.


    Really thank you for these valuable suggestions you gave me. I'm now drawing in a more effective way.And also,I'm trying to make my drawing less stiff by using my shoulder. It really improve my drawings a lot!!! Meanwhile,I am practicing adding musles now.

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