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    I want to improve, so may you please give me some advice and critice my practice sketches that I've made. Thank you.

    Drawing #1

    Drawing #2

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    Good evening, Bonita, I'm Polyvios Animations and how do you do? Greatest job on your range of exaggeration of poses and gestures, kinda like WB Animator, Manny Gould.

    However, there's still not enough of the exaggeration and satire in the graphically organic shapes, spaces and lines in the poses in those links. Why don't you please free up your shoulders and elbows with 10 minutes of 2 minute poses of figures from photos, life, and of course, the video to Manny Gould's animations, which I haven't studied yet, but I could.

    As a result, if you could do frame-by-frame in this video here, then you'd get an idea on how Manny made his drawings move for that studio before and after, in scenes for guys like McKimson and Clampett. 1) You could analyse for mechanics, you could analyse for performance. 2) You could go for both at the same time.

    Funny thing, too, but originally Manny was gonna be interviewed by animation historian Milt Grey, but he up and died on Milt & us. Bummer, but he had such an incredible wealth of knowledge and experience, but we'll never know, unless we can and will study every and any scene he'd done in his whole, entire career to figure them out for ourselves, see?

    Getting back to the effect of the suggestion, if you do these suggested above, your lines, shapes, poses and gestures will become less stiffer and more caricatured and pushed.

    Good luck to you and your progress.

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