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    I didnt sketch this weekend and feel guilty about it :( I want to make sure I draw every day, and only 5 days in I failed! I did sketch yesterday but forgot to post it-and I am off to sketch for today RIGHT NOW. Need to just get back on that horse! All critiques welcomed, thanks!

    ***Quick question-would it be easier to get comments/critiques if I used only one thread and posted on it daily? Or do a new thread each day? I really appreciate the feedback I've gotten, and I want to make it as easy as possible for those giving feedback-and thanks again!***

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    Don't beat yourself too much about missing a day! Just feel good about how quickly you got back on the horse. :)

    I would use the same thread if I were you -- it will make it easy for all of us to see your goals and your progress over time! :)


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