Hand study 1 continued

by Forte, April 20th 2019 © 2019 Forte

Trying out hands for a little bit



hands are very difficult to understand !

And you do it, you search to see how it works. And you will evolved this way. I like your drawing lines and if you took more times one your draws by adding more details you could done great things !

Here some advisors I used :

1 - draw the skeleton, it helps to understand how a hand (or anithing else) work. How bones are nested like this, why they can or can't move this way.

2 - draw muscles, same lesson than 1

3 - use your own hands. Study how they move, how the light reacts on it and what is the limit to the hands moves.

4 - break down the parts : wrist, plam and fingers (break down the fingers to)

Want to see more hands of you !