Day 64

by Jordankinsley, November 25th 2020 © 2020 Jordankinsley

My goal has been to start drawing fan art of characters I enjoy, but I feel like I am severely regressing... or maybe these poses are just too hard for me. Got to go back to the basics I guess or maybe Im not spending enough time on them.



I would firstly recommend that you try to lockdown your composition. By that i mean that you take your format (paper) and try to figure out what's the best way to fit a figure on to that format. For the start i would recommend that you try and fit your whole figure on your drawing. I can see that left foot of your character is "cuted down" (bad way of saying that but i'm not a native English speaker so bear with me) so i would recommend that on the next drawing, you take your time and first figure out "How can fit my figure best?" ( For example you can look up old masters and the way that they handled composition with one or more figures or look some people that you admire today, either way it should help you) . If you want your figure to dominate particular piece you should make your figure large with little background, or if you want to show some space in which that character resides you make it smaller and make that space around him come to life! There are a lot of ways to that and if you need more help just ask!

Have a nice day!

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That helped me way more than I expected. I tried it again with her full figure on the page and it turned out much better. Thank you.

"cuted down" would be said better as "cut off" just in case u wanted to know.


I'm really glad! If you need something else feel free to message me!

Also, thank you for that correction. It's much appreciated!


I love the energy you are trying to go for with the sharp edged lines. However I would try to go for some more curve into it so you can allow for her to feel like she is actually moving rather then being in a stiff position. I suggest you go for her having a curved motion with sharp edges. Then you can still have that energy while not making her feel stiff.


I was having a really hard time figuring out her pose, I wasn't satisfied with where it was going after drawing her several times so I just posted my final attempt to share my daily progress and see if I could get some tips to improve, and thank you for your tips :) I drew her again, you can check my sketchbook if you want.

Polyvios Animations

Nice use of feeling and vitality you've got in your fan work, jordankinsley, that's very greater job you've got going.

If I was to suggest you some constructive criticism, then it would be to work out on your fan art's proportions, perspective, and foreshortening, on this Princess Rosalina, in your very first 3 hour class mode of figure studies, so, why don't you please apply that class into your upcoming work?

The reason why is because, it'll help you draw better fan art than yourself, and the original source, in terms of the gestures, construction, squash and stretch, in terms of proportions, line of action, and silhouette, and in terms of perspective and foreshortening, and anything in between.

Hope it's all been completely and totally favorable and good.