30 sec

by Munkedragon, January 12th 2021 © 2021 Munkedragon
Polyvios Animations

Swell job on your sketches, Munkedragon, that's very nicest! Nicest because of the range of motion put in those sketches.

Again, if I was to suggest on what could and would be improved on, then it should be to check out this link here: https://line-of-action.com/learn-to-draw

Not to mention the fact that, would and could, you please do 79 more minutes of 30-second warm-up poses??

Why???? Because this link is especially for newbies here in this site, but that's not all, it'll help you and support you and your goal so much, that you will get a lot of the spirit of Freddie Moore, Legendary Disney Animator!

Hat's off to you, and I hope you'll find this completely and totally influential, supportive, and welcome.

MOon Bear Moon Moon

30 seconds is very short, so you need to relax, but it's better to express the joint with a little bit of strength. Or if you practice with a darker line in the front of the overlapping parts, I think it will help you get more formative.

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These are looking really clear in the positioning, so great job there. It's only the bottom right one that is a little muddled in the torso region. For 30 seconds it's great that you're getting the gist of the drawing done. Just like in the "learn to draw" tutorial I'd suggest getting at least the head, ribcage, and hips sketched in. It might help with the forshortened bodies. Keep up the practice :)