11 seconds of all guts and no polish

by Polyvios Animations, June 18th 2021 © 2021 Polyvios Animations

Done in a practice session of 11 seconds

My current goal is: Work on my signature drawing style of sketching animal lines, dexterity, forces, gestures, actions, acting, motions, emotions, and movements. (advanced)

My apologies for that incident. Unfortunately, this longest session almost tormented me just to get my work done for that class on that day. In the meantime, it really helped me push the guts, gutsiness and spontaneity the furthest down the line. What do you feel?

Aunt Herbert

I see a page out of a writing pad, covered by a hastily drawn grid. Inside the cells of the grid there are tiny markings, which could be some kind of letters. Colored lines of some kind of crayon or colored pencil go from top to bottom, the upper third seems heavily colored with the same crayon and partially torn, revealing more pages underneath.

I feel mostly irritated and quite a bit of alienated. You are mentioning spontaneity, and pushing yourself along a path, but your drawings to me all seem quite similar to each other, an endless repetition of a very formulaic, mechanistic display of brute force. And that is your manual force of pushing the pen down on the paper, not a depiction of forces within a drafted body, as there is nothing on the page that would represent any kind of body, or any attempt of depicting anything decipherable at all.

Your social media links mention that you are on the autistic spectrum, and your peculiar mode of expressing yourself through comments and publications indicate that you indeed see the world quite different than I do. I feel a bit helpless as a neurotypical person how to react, as I have no clue how to decode your signals and to respond to them. Is it arrogant of me if I simply dismiss your art as a novelty item, and mostly ignore it?

Gardner Littleton

I feel a bit alienated where it stands currently. It's a bit hard to know where to start in understanding what you're relaying with just the piece. I'd reccomend as an animator that you begin animating these! I would invest in a peg bar and some animation paper (paper specifically hole punched to fit the peg) and then work with a downshooter to animate these. (a downshooter is a camera pointing downwards to take pictures, all hand drawn paper animation was tranferred to film this way, there's quite a bit of fun to be had researching). This work would be awesome for the experimental animation scene, If you need a program to start with, i'd reccomend dragonframe. They're pretty industry standard but even then, theres an app called "stop motion" that you can download to your phone and maake animation with. it's a biit tough to wrap the head around at first, and you need to find a way to keep your paper stationary and your camera stationary when taking pictures from fram tto frame. Hell you could just take these and put them into an editing software's timeline (like adobe premiere) and edit them. 24 Frames per second is the standard for animation, working on 2's is when you have 2 frames wit the same drawing. I don't know what you do so if you have any questions let me know! anyways. since you're depicting brute motion and energy, i'd reccomend that. As for figure drawing, when you say animal lines I'm assuming lines of action for animals, I'm not enttirely getting the gesture you're trying to communicate. with just the liines it's halfway between letters and gesture. Anyways, it seems you're breaking down your process into a quick formula, consider taking more tme on some drawings, sometimes we need to take things slower in order to fully understand them rather than in influx to get an inkling. Keep drawing! And happy drawing!


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