First studies of architecture and landscape

by Vif525, March 5th 2023 © 2023 Vif525

i like it!

Polyvios Animations

Good evening/morning, Vif525, and welcome aboard, and how do you do tonight/this morning? Say, you've got some of the mightiest finest and most powerful greatest potential in displaying your range of motion and forms and perspective and foreshortening in your backgrounds and scenic sketches. Please keep up the greatest feats of effort, well-meaning at that.

But.....I'm still totally, postively, and extremely not getting too much of that dynamic, fluidest, and liveliest lines of perspectives and relationships of architectures. How would you like to loosen up and scribble out your lines of action with 30 more minutes of 30 second scribbliest compostions and background sketches? As a result, your backgrounds and scenes will become the least rigidest and somewhat least stilted and the most dynamic, snappiest, and energetic in terms of layouts and spaces and foreshortening.

For more info, here.

This clip is from Disney Animator Andreas Deja's YouTube is about Ken O'Connor talking on how you could cheat perspective graphically.

Hope these have been completely, totally, and extremely useful, but take these with a grain of salt.


Oh I'm not super familiar with landscape but here are some tips I can remember from class!

try doing value studies in smaller and larger formats with the side of your pencil or coal to block general shapes and feel out planes rather than lines.

in your landscape try using shading to underline perspective. In nature, the farther away something is from the eye the lighter it gets. You can use this to set focal points in the foreground and also model the whole scenery to look more cohesive. Detail and contrast in the foreground and rough shapes in the background!

for architecture, perspective is truly the most important thing to master so I would go bigger and looser. You can use rulers to lightly draw guidelines. Quick sketches to block out shape and then add details as you wish.

Hope this helps. All the best and keep going!