series of two minute gesture sketches

by Eggo, March 13th 2023 © 2023 Eggo

this is a series of sketches I did with a 2 minute timer, using a 'bean' method to do the torso first before adding limbs

Polyvios Animations

Good afternoon, Eggo, and welcome back, and how can I help you out? Say, I think that your organic and expressive bean-shaped bodies are getting to be loose and on the right track, but I feel that the liveliness and spontaneity and scribbly looseness could use a bit more loosening up. How would you like to do 32 more minutes of 44 second scribblier poses?(32 x 60=1920s/44=about 44 scribbly pose drawings) Because if you loosen up your beans with this warm-up exercise, then your bodies and poses will become somewhat less stilted and even more dynamic, fluid and flowing.

So, if you're totally curious about more practicing methods, please pick up an Audible of Daniel Coyle's The Little Book of Talent

Practice makes myelin and progress, and myelin and progress make perfect.

Good luck to you, and hope this has been completely, practically, and totally useful, helpful and supportive.


For a quick 2 minute series of gestures, I think you did an incredible job making the poses clear and readable (especially the bottom right and bottom left)

There are things that I personally would do different, but I don't believe I have enough knowledge on gesture drawing to give helpful pointers.