Piece to Critique

by Drunkenelf, April 2nd 2023 © 2023 Drunkenelf

The second half of a 30 minute session. Not the best pieces I've done, but I think it shows off a fairly typical session. I sometimes struggle to get the whole figure on the page in time.

Top five are minute long drawings, the middle two are five minute drawings and the last one is my 10 minute figure, although some time was lost re arraging the pieces a little to make room.

I know I got a lot to work on but a nice direction to practice would be nice

Polyvios Animations

Nicest and greatest job on your range of action, form and proportions, Drunkenelf, but they all don't seem too confident and organic enough yet, so how would you completely love to loosen up your organic lines and shapes more with 34 minutes of 2 minute poses? The reason why is because, if your first goal is gonna be to make your gesture lines less stiffest and the most solidest, fluidest and liveliest, then most power to you. And to make your drawings done with the most big-picture oriented in your practice agenda, so please go ahead with your next post. Good luck.


Its funny, because 2 minutes always felt like the sweet spot for a completed drawing, but the default thirty minute class doesn't have them. Thanks for the input!