Done in class modus

by Naima, May 6th 2023 © 2023 Naima

Still working on confident lines, shading and capturing poses.

Polyvios Animations

Say, nicest jobs on your mostly completely but totally confident lines, shaded deliberations and clarity of poses. However, your basic design elements and posing almost all look or seem far too contrived and rigidest to me, so would you love to loosen up your lines and shapes and spaces of shadows with 2 hours of 30 second quickest sketches of attitudes?

The reason why you would do this littlest constructive bit of criticism is that your line control, posing, and tones will become the least stilted and the most warmed up, loosest and liveliest. And as for the shading, did you do that Atelier pencil sharpening technique where you use a matt knife or craft knife to shave off the wood or graphite? Cause if not, then you could see a video tutorial on that, along with the gesture drawing one.

That one's on shading.

So, there you have it, my most constructive critique and suggestions. Let's hope they've helped and encouraged you.

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Hi Polyvoius! Great critiques, thank you. I will sharpen my pencil and hit towards loos lines and more real line of action. Hopefully I 'll manage it. Very helpful tutorials. Have a nice cheerful week.


me gusta solo le pondria más atención al dorso esta un poco mas largo la proporción del primer sujeto es lo único que le modificaria, lo demás esta genial suerte !