30 secs working on my lines

by Naima, May 14th 2023 © 2023 Naima

I am trying to be more strikt on my goals, so I started all over again.

Polyvios Animations

Well, well, well, Naima, farther than greater job on being more stricter with current goal, but I'm not getting anymore of your more concrete goal, so how would you like to be even more stricter but concreter with your more than creepy goal, like be more and even more stronger with your line quality and control? Can your goal be more stronger in terms of my more looser than looser lines?

The logical reason behind this is so that you can and shall, and will know for what you need/want to work on recently and more later. As Daniel Coyle puts it:

Think Like A Gardener, Work More Like A Carpenter.

Good luck to you, and let's hope you've found these educational but informational.


To tell you the truth, I don't understand what yiu mean. Please feel free to criticize openly. I don't mind, if you say just frankly what I should do. And may be I am missing something in the translation of "loos lines". Do you think I am drawing stiff of that my lines are not percise?


Fantastic proportions, especially for 30 seconds. I am very impressed and only have 2 suggestions. I understand that adding muscle definiton is very difficult considering the very limited time however I've noticed that the deltiods are a little warped and your sketches are ever so slightly overlapping and are getting cut off from the side of the paper. Being enviromenatally and financially conscience is important but if you cant really fit your drawings into the reamianing space I would get another paper.

Other than that your work is amazing!


Thank you Explodo, your support and the percise critiques helps a lot. I will work on deltoid construction and just today I considered buy some bigger papers. Have a nice day!


Hello Naima! Your first drawing shows a great understanding of perspective from the overlapping shapes! I'd like to draw your attention to the rib cage in your drawing. It's difficult to draw the chest when in perspective or when it's hidden by something, but one thing that helps is to practice drawing it in isolation. Proko's video on drawing rib cages helped me to understand it better.

You're doing a great job, I hope you can reach your personal goals!

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Thanks Whim, I agree wirh you the ripcage in the middle appears very ood, thank you for the percise feedback, it really helped.