30 second figure studies

by Emil Leum, May 22nd 2023 © 2023 Emil Leum

I found this so helpful, but everything but easy. I definitely need to practice more of these,

Polyvios Animations

Greatest and most unbelievable jobs on your scribblest scrawls of your poses, but not enough of that organic and flowing feeling, so how would you love to please keep up your gesture warm-ups on loosening up with 20 minutes of 27 second scribblest warm up loosest drawings?

As a result, if you can practice your loosest and liveliest sketches of your storytelling sketches, then it can and will be able to help you think out your most visual thinking. For most details, please pick up a copy of Betty Edwards' Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain, Any Edition, and Drawing on the Artist Within. Because, if you add these titles to your collection in any way, then you get back on refining and redeveloping your artistic skills and creative bravery.

Good luck to you and your marches of progress.

Elliesaurus Art

The gestural style and expressiveness make these sketches really interesting to look at, I love the style, and it's so cool to see something like this as I tend to struggle with being gestural myself. without seeing the reference images there's not much that I can say - these all seem to be proportioned accurately. I would recommend defining the silhouette more to create a more readable pose - these are a little hard to decipher - but for thirty-second gestures, this is really all you need. For longer drawings, I would recommend mapping out the pose more carefully to prevent major anatomical mistakes as you continue in the drawing. Great work though, keep it up!


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