Day 09

by Anavel, July 5th 2023 © 2023 Anavel

I noticed that I struggle the most in the beginning of the class . Drawing and thinking wt... am I drawing? Some kind of stick figures... Then it becomes easier and flowing closer to the end of class. Another proof of the importance of the warm up. I also notice that I have a problem with heads and necks: heads seem to be too small (I have to adjust them constantly) and neck sometimes is non existent at all ;( Not sure how to fix it yet - I try to pay more attention to it, but it doesn't really help so far.

Polyvios Animations

Good day, Anavel,

Greatest but most collosal job on your range of fluidity of organic lines and shapes and spaces of all of your drawn figure poses. I think your flow is positively and completely making the greatest of progresses, but I feel that in plasicity of the figures are all totally budding. Please keep on making your figures, hands, feet, faces, and expressions the most plastic like you've never sketched them before.