Gestures 30s-5min

by badgershark, January 8th 2019 © 2019 badgershark

Warmup sketching. Thinking about different communication strategies for flow and shape reinforcement.

Toonrog99 keep going and give us more of this exact poses please...and some time think about poses that tell us a story, like a pose that reaches for something and then in the next frame runs from that same thing that is dangerous ....just for example...and do KEEP IT COMING for we love your passion !!!


Thanks, Toonrog, for taking the time to look at these gestures!

To clarify, I didn't mean "communication" as in narrative/story telling in panels. I meant quickly and efficiently laying down the flow of the form and reinforcing/emphasizing important shapes and lines so that the feel of the pose is understood quickly and feels "right".

You said to give more of the exact poses. Does that mean to revisit these poses or to spend longer time on the poses? I will do longer studies as time allows (I'm in grad school), but I'm really focusing on improving my speed and gesture efficiency so that I'll start with strong, energetic bases that I can lay down quickly. I would also happily accept suggestions for that.

Thanks again for your time and thoughts!