Started of as 30 secs, but my tablet froze

by Naima, September 9th 2023 © 2023 Naima

Trying to melt shadow into the background. My goal is to learn more advanced shadow applications. But I drew the left side to big for this perspective.

Polyvios Animations

Greatest works on your forces of the tones and muscles of the arms against the blackest space between the side and it. But your arm muscles all seem a bit too self-conscious to me yet. How would you care to please loosen up your arm muscle and hand muscle drawings with 6 minutes of 29 second warmups from your timer app on your iPhone? (360/29≈12 warmups of muscles of arm)

The reason behind that tip is because, your control and understanding of arm muscles will be articulated the least fearful, but the most dynamic, spontaneously, but energetic, even in your female and male nudes. For even most details, please watch and learn from this video below.

My hat's off from us to you.


Very helpful and percise critiques, thank you.