First Attempts at FORCE gesture

by Emiisp, November 4th 2023 © 2023 Emiisp

My first attempts at FORCE gesture drawing. Spend 5 minutes on each pose as I get used to this style and mindset.

Polyvios Animations

Greater work on your forces, but these still seem too timider yet. Why don't you just go ahead with 10 minutes of 2 minute force figures?

The logic behind this criticism is because your proportions and gestures will become lesser than stiff, but more than spontaneous.

Good luck to you.


This is an excellent little study and it does look like you understand each concept pretty well. This will be a good reference later for gesture drawings, when you won't know what pose to use immediately right away. A fun way to remind yourself of how to draw these types of poses would be to redraw each of these types of poses quickly (maybe about in around five minutes total) before you did a class session on this website. THat way, you'd study and memorize the different types more easily.