Face Studies - Short and Long form

by Tastytefi, November 8th 2023 © 2023 Tastytefi

Wanted to focus on different face shapes and expressions. Midway through the session I realized maybe I should focus LESS on anatomical perfection and more on just shapes, movement, and the expression themselves. Forced myself to work fast that way which made it really fun :)

Some of these came out VERY silly and im honestly not mad :)

Polyvios Animations

Greater work on your range of expressions, but they seem too stiffer to me. Why don't you please loosen up your facial drawings with 6 minutes of 29 second sketches, using only our custom class mode?(about 12)

The reason why is because you can loosen up your eyes, brains, and hands for your faces.

Hat's off to you,


Heh, I know the feeling of going halfway through a practice and realizing the angle you want to develope. Your expressions are very good!

Azure Dreamer

I love the shading of the guy in the top left corner. His face, shading, and tone look smooth. Great job.