Uryu Ishida (Shading)

by Azure Dreamer, December 7th 2023 © 2023 Azure Dreamer

Cool! Bleach is such a great anime :) I really like the pose here. One thing that I think is a little off is the size difference between the thighs. It makes sense for the one on the right to look a bit thinner, due to the profiling, but I think the difference is too drastic here. Maybe next time you could make the one on the right overlap with the one on the right, to give it some dimension and fix the sizing issues. Great piece overall, though! The folds on the clothing are very well done and I can really get a sense of movement throughout.

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Azure Dreamer

Thank you so much. It took a while for me to finish this one, but I definitely see the leg proportion is off. Haha its funny when your finished with a drawing, you think it's good. However, when you come back to it later, you notice more things you didn't see before.


If you haven't been already, while you're working on your drawings you could take a picture and flip it to see if you can see anything that's off :) It might help with keeping your eyes fresh

Azure Dreamer

Good idea, I'll definitely start doing that as well.

Polyvios Animations

Greatest job on your range of values, relationships (proportions and angles), spaces, edges, and gestures, Azure. Kindly keep up the greatest work, but I'm not getting enough of that feeling and energy of the attitude. How would you like to kindly work out 5 minutes of 30 second warmup poses? (10 warmups)

The reason why you could, should, and would go ahead with this constructive criticism is consequentially, your tones will look and feel mostly solid after working out the forms, after working out the forces or gestures. If you're not too sure about the forms, you and I should probably try out the Basic Shapes and Still Lives too here on our sites.

Let's hope these have helped you out with nothing but the greatest!!


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