Face study

by Steviebean, February 28th 2024 © 2024 Steviebean

Multiple hours face structure and shadow study. Unfinished

Aunt Herbert

Your shadow areas with reflected light seem to be brighter than the medium lighted areas. To show the volumen of the entire head all the shadow areas need to be darker then all the light areas. It's usually distraction by local contrasts that undermine that goal - the reflected light area does look brighter on most references because of this, although it really isn't.

Therefor, checking the order of brightness from shadow to light almost needs to be done mechanically, as pure observation will often mislead you.

Polyvios Animations

Say, Stevie, nicer job on your understanding and control of your edges, gestures, spaces, perceptions of relationships, lights, shadows, and of course, the gestalt of the human face sketch. Greater work on your face drawings, as usual. But, I'm not too satisfied with the lack of squash-and-stretch feeling and attitude to your expression in values yet. Would you care to go ahead with 40 minutes of 10 minute expressions of faces, to warm up totally??

The reason why is so that your tones can, shall, and in the future, your tones will be able to work with the relationships, working with the spaces, working with the forces.

And as for the tones, I'd highly suggest you get yourself a stick of 4B Graphite or anything similar to tone the paper, and a hand carved eraser to sculpt out the lights and shadows of your tonal renderings.

Let's hope they've been completely useful.