Day#10 FigureDrawing Teen Female

by 低温チキン, May 9th 2024 © 2024 低温チキン

I've been avoiding the 30 second draws, but I've tried it the last few days and it's having a positive impact!

I feel like it is leading to drawings with movement.

Polyvios Animations

Nicest works on your quickest and slickest of sketches of your figure drawings. They all look like or seem like they're all packed with dynamics, vitality, and energy, but I'm still not getting enough of your satirized linear economy of your pose sketches of your teen females. Would you like to kindly just go ahead with 7 minutes of 28 second poses of female teens, all done from your custom session? (420/28=15 poses)

As a result, your teen female character studies can and will become least stilted but least rigidest but the most spritely, vital, but fully gutsiest in their lines of action and liveliest lines of rhythm. For most info, please look into Ban Caldwell's Action! Cartooning on Amazon.

My hat's off to you.