Tried something different

by Naima, May 17th 2024 © 2024 Naima

My goal to use all the paper I still have in stock, before buying something else. Since there was this black handy sized paper, I tried a visa versa value study within the 30 min class.

Polyvios Animations

Hello again, Naima, nicest job on your sketch of a dancing figure done with what seems like or looks like white paint pen on black bristol paper. Greatest of jobs on your most directest of tones and shapes and gesture of your figures. I imagine the broadest and boldest quality of your most simplest animation come to life before my very eyes, but I feel that I'm still not getting enough of your most boldest but powerful gestural curves against straights. How would you love to please go ahead with 22 minutes of 2 minute attitudes of white paint pens on black construction paper, so that you couldn't and wouldn't have too much preciousness with your quickest sketches?

The logic behind this is because, not only you can and will be able to get your brightest and purest whites on your most darkest but purest blacks, but also to help yourself to be the most free-est in your range of motion and movement, like sketching out on the most oversized blackboard. For most details, kindly consult any of the Mattessi books on Forces.

Let's hope you've got most everything out of these.