1st and 2nd session facial expression 1st session hand and foot 1st session animals

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    Hello, I'd like to try a hand at giving you critique, but it looks like I need permission to view the images. Maybe you could set the permissions to anyone with the link can view? Or upload the images to a site like imgur?

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    Thanks for the first batch, Chloé, but could and would you please give us permission on the last three? Thanks and have a swell time.


    Excuse me I have redefined the permission so that it can be read by everyone
    Thanks to you


    Hi Chloé87!

    I love to see how you draw, or paint. It looks like you are having fun and trying out to draw everything from faces, hands and feet, animals and more.

    It's so beautiful to watch all those different colors on the paper. These are some of my thoughts. When using a paintbrush or a fine liner or pigment pens it's impossible to sketch lightly. As soon as your paintbrush touches the paper it will leave a strong and very visible stroke. It's difficult to sketch lightly to try and find the right shapes. I almost always recommend people to use soft lead pencils but in your case, since you like collors, I would suggest that you buy a few watercollor pencils. Two or three different ones is enough for starters. These can be used to sketch with just like a lead pencil but the good thing about them is they will dissolve and dissapeare when you paint with watercollor over them.

    This is a good way to combine sketching and painting and few artists out there do it better than James Gurney. Search for him on youtube. He has many short videos where he uses this technique.

    Good luck!


    Good morning again, Chloe87, and welcome aboard again, I don't know if I have time to look thru every one of your drawings and sketches, but I'm gonna focus on one of them or two, so here are my comments on your 2 genre studies and exercises. Great job on your facial expressions because of how much solidity and forces and gestures there are on all of them. I also think that you're doing a greater job on you hand and foot sketches, so that they have the potential to get your lines of action and rhythm on any and every appendage you got.

    My biggest criticism is that the faces, hands and feet could use a bit more vitality and energy in your lines or shapes in terms of caricature and exaggeration. How would love to go with 30 minutes of 2 minute faces, and your first 30 minute class mode of feet and hands? The biggest explanation is as a result, your human anatomy, poses, expressions, and gestures of all these things will become the least stiffest and most dynamic. For most details, please look into the Walt Stanchfield books, 2 of em.

    Good luck to your learning curve.


    @thestripper Thank you very much I do not know this technique I will try

    @polyvios animations Thank you very much I will look at these books
    Indeed it is complicated for me to ask myself questions when I have to draw in 2 minutes
    Thank you


    Here's James Gurney doing a quick sketch/painting. He has got a lot of good videos where he is explaining what he is doing step by step. Very helpful!


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