Ballerina poses practice

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    some ballerina-sketches i made, happy about feedback :)

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    Hello again.

    Greater and more graceful job on your ballet and ballerina poses and attitudes. Please push yourself as far as you can go, and then go farther as you can. Consequently, I'm not getting enough of that stronger caricature and exaggeration in your lines' gestures,straights, and curves yet. Would you like to please just go with 6 minutes of 30 second poses? (all done from your non-dominant hand??) {12 drawings}

    The reason behind this argument is because, your lines of action will become lesser than boring, and more dynamic, gutsier, and sparkling with life. For more details, please look into Vol. 1 of the Walt Stanchfield on PDF rrrrrright here?

    My hat's off to you.


    Your drawings show the complex poses quite convincingly.

    They would look more naturally if you had more of a clue how head, ribcage and hip function as voluminous bodies in space to define the torso.

    I would recommend the free lessons here:

    And while I am at it, here is the second recommendation for all beginner artists, this one is mostly about explaining line quality and how to understand perspectivic drawing:

    Working through those two courses will generally give you the foundation to figure out 90% of all typical beginner challenges.

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